When you are considering cleaning your glasses, never clean the lenses when they are dry. First, use some cold water or any wet wipes to clean your lenses. After that, dry the lenses with the help of a clean and soft cloth. To get the perfectly cleaned lenses, you can also use two drops of dish soap which is quite mild. Now, start rubbing the soap over lenses and after that try to rub the soap over the entire frame of your spectacles including your nose pads which is a must. Clean the frame and let it dry for a few minutes.
If you want to find the right eyeglasses, you need to decide which shape of glasses you are looking for. The shape of the glasses matters a lot while choosing the right frame because you are going to wear it all day long. You must choose the shape/ frame of the glasses according to your face cut. After that, you can choose the colour that best matches your skin and eye and can also go very well with your hair colours. These factors will help you pick up the right eyeglasses.
Sometimes, we see reflections on our eyeglasses, and they seem to be very annoying. However, anti-reflective coating can do wonders for this problem. It is also called an AR coating. It is quite helpful in seeing through the glasses easily. It also permits other people to see our eyes perfectly and removes those irritating white stains in pictures which are taken usually with a flash. This coating is the perfect solution for these issues.
It is recommended to go for an eye checkup every six months. You can visit our Optical Store in Brampton to get an eye test by our eye doctors who are skilled, trained, and efficient in offering eye care consultation and services. You can even book an appointment to get an eye checkup done at a scheduled time.
If you are not sure about your prescription but feel the need to get new eyeglasses, you must start with updating your prescription first. You can visit our store to meet eye specialists in Brampton and get a quality eye checkup done. You can also fix an appointment for consultation.
Yes, we offer gift certificates to our customers on special occasions.
Yes, we provide specialized eyewear to our customers such as prescription sunglasses, eye care products, and more with integrated prescription lenses. At our Optical Store in Brampton, we also provide exclusive consultation services through the best Optometrists in town ensuring that you can find the best fit for your eye care needs.
We use anti-bacterial wipes to clean each pair of glasses that a customer tries on and puts back on the shelf. Also, when a customer buys a frame from our shop, we ensure to provide them a new and untouched one from our stock that other customers have not tried.
We consider the health and safety of our patients and staff as our top priority. To ensure this, we have increased sanitation practices and social distancing measures after the reopening of our store at the end of the lockdown. We clean and sanitize every frame before putting it back on the shelf. Masks are used all the time, and we have also added contactless mobile payment options for our customers to minimize the risk of spreading the infection.

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