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When you suffer from an eye infection or disease, it is recommended to pay a visit to an experienced and reputable Optometrist in Brampton, Ontario. They are specialized in examining your eyes properly, diagnosing the problem, and providing the right treatment so that you can be free from any issue.

Our Optometrists can help you get a perfect vision again and remove your dependence on glasses and lenses. They offer eye care treatment to patients who are suffering from a range of eye diseases.

We also have a wide range of glasses and contact lenses. So, you can access eye examination, consultation, and eye care products under one roof. Simply, show us the prescription you need, and we’ll offer you all- sunglasses, frames, contact lenses, and other eye care products at the best prices in the market. 

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Choose Our Eyecare Services

At Optical One, we have optometrists who provide the best eye care services and treatment solutions to the patients. They are friendly, experienced, and capable of providing you the best optometric care.

Dry Eye Consultations

Detecting dry eye syndrome is not an easy task. Many people suffer from this without even knowing its severity. At Optical One, our Optometrists provide consultations and diagnosis for Dry Eye disease. Identifying this disease and providing proper treatment is key to the health of your eyes. The optometrists can provide you relief and healing from this problem. They can treat eye syndrome, from mild to severe. No matter, if it’s an occasional problem or a daily occurring one, we can help you!

Contact Lens Fitting

Everyone has a different eye size. So, one size of contact lenses doesn’t fit all. This is why your eye doctor takes your eye measurements to provide lenses that properly fit. If you buy contact lenses that do not fit well, they would cause discomfort, damage, and blurry vision for your eyes. Proper fitting will make sure that the lenses are of an accurate prescription and the patient knows how to wear the lenses and take care of them.

Myopia Control

Myopia, also known as Nearsightedness is very much on the rise. Our practitioners integrate Myopia Control into their practice to correct the problem and manage its progression in the patients. As times have changed, so we have adopted new techniques for controlling the condition. Our eye care practitioners try these new techniques, practice them, and educate the patients on their use. Managing the progress of Myopia and not only its correction is becoming the right way to care.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery is a great option to correct vision and eliminate the need to wear glasses and contact lenses. The surgery is very effective and produces satisfactory results. Only trained eye care specialists perform the surgery after assuring the suitability of the patients. During the surgery, a laser device is used to make some changes in the shape of the cornea. Patients feel a great improvement in their lives after undergoing surgery.

When Should You Visit Us ?

During summers, people usually suffer from eye allergies, redness and watering of the eyes, and itchiness too. When a person suffers from these symptoms, the reason could be conjunctivitis. In this condition, it is advisable to not delay going to the eye specialist in Brampton or Mississauga

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Why Choose Optical One?

Our optometrists use superior quality eye care products for patients who have issues with their eyes. They are usually specialized and experienced in treating different kinds of eye diseases, eye infections, and other problems affecting your eye health and vision.

EyeCare Specialists

Our doctors are specialized in examining your eyes properly, diagnosing the problem, and treating it so that you can be free from it.


Instant Prescriptions

Our optometrists offer eye care treatment to patients who are suffering from a range of eye problems and diseases with instant eye prescriptions.

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Our doctors were able to quickly diagnose the problem and suggested optimal solutions to these patients.
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