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Contact lenses correct the refractive errors of the eye. So, prescribing and fitting contact lenses is a key part of the life of optometrists. Several people use contact lenses for cosmetic reasons. While others use for sports, profession, and therapeutic purposes.

More and more people are now switching to the use of contact lenses. This technology has evolved at a fast pace and with the available variety of contact lenses these days, it is growing more. Now, we have lenses for every person.

If you want to switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses, you need to undergo an eye exam for contact lenses. After this comes contact lens fitting.

Eye Exam for Contact Lenses

At Optical One, our eye care professionals conduct an eye exam for you. Under this, the eye doctor will check your vision and provides a prescription for the right contact lenses for your eyes. The prescription is the same as you would get for eyeglasses. The eye doctor will also look for any eye health problems or any other issues which may prevent you from wearing contact lenses.

The Contact Lens Fitting

Before getting started with the fitting, you need to share your lifestyle and choice of contact lenses with our optometrists in Brampton, Ontario. You get the choice to experiment with your eye color, use daily lenses, or monthly ones. Most of the people go for soft contact lenses as they assure ease and comfort. However, there are rigid gas permeable (GP) lenses too. It is up to you which one you would like to go for.

Next, comes the fitting of contact lenses. Everyone has a different eye size, so one size contact lens doesn’t fit all. If the curvature of the lens is more flat or steep for the size of your eye, it can cause damage. So, our eye doctor will take your eye measurements to determine the right contact lens size and design for your eyes. The following ways are used to measure the eyes.

Contact Lenses Fitting Using Trial Lenses

Even after conducting the eye exam for contact lenses, our optometrists will provide you a set of trial lenses to make sure they are an ideal choice for you. Keeping the lenses in your eyes, the doctor will use a slit lamp to check their positioning and movement when you blink and see in different directions. You need to also tell how the lenses are feeling in your eyes.

People are asked to wear trial lenses for at least 15 minutes so that tearing of the eye in the beginning stops. Then, you need to learn to take care of the lenses and how long you can wear them. Our eye care experts will teach you how to put in and take out your contact lenses. It might seem difficult initially, but you can learn fast.

Follow-Ups for Contact Lens

You need to schedule a couple of follow-up visits so the eye doctor can make sure that lenses fit your eyes perfectly. Also, it needs to be checked that your eyes can tolerate contact lens wear. It will be checked that the lenses are not causing any damage to your cornea or causing dryness in your eyes.

Although, it is unusual these days that contact lenses lead to problems. However, it is safer to go for a follow-up to be sure and detect any issues if they exist. Most of the issues that occur can be solved by using a different pair of lenses, lenses material, different lens care methods, or reducing the wearing time of contact lenses.

Optometrists at our optical store will also provide a contact lens prescription to you. This will define the power of contact lenses, the curvature, the diameter, the name and manufacturer of the lenses. If GP lenses are used, additional specifications will be there.

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At Optical One, we offer the complete process of the contact lens fitting for your eyes. Our optometrists are learned and skilled in handling and managing contact lens specifications, doing eye exams, providing prescriptions, and more.

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We prioritize customer satisfaction and experience so leave no stone unturned to provide a great contact lens fitting service to you.

Schedule a contact lens exam with us for at least once in a year to ensure your eyes can tolerate wearing them and there’s no issue.

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