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Dry Eye Problem is very common amongst people all over the world. As per the data gathered from large scale studies, 10-20 % of young people (20-40 years age group) and 40 % of middle-aged people (40-60 years age group) suffer from the problem of dry eyes. So, the prevalence is double amongst the middle age group of people.

Do You Have Dry Eye Problem?

In the starting, it is hard to notice the grittiness. Eyes only seem to be a little tired for spending too much time in front of the screens. However, the problem increases over time, symptoms become frequent, and the feeling of constant sore eyes grows.

Everyone who has a Dry Eye problem does not get the same feeling or symptom. Also, if symptoms are not strong, people tend to think that the problem isn’t significant. However, this isn’t the case. Diagnosis is important to control the problem.

Dry Eye Consultations and Treatments

Your eye needs a specific level of lubrication to function normally. To serve this, your eyes shed tears- a liquid consisting of water and natural oils. When a person’s body doesn’t produce the required quantity of tears or produces a poor quality of tears, eyes get dry.

At Optical One, we provide you consultation for dry eye disease. Optometrists in our optical store in Brampton perform specialized diagnostic tests and identify the quality and quantity of your tears to know the severity of the disease. We understand eye drops aren’t enough and your eyes need effective treatments and care.

Dry Eye Symptoms

The symptoms of dry eye disease aren’t regular. They include:

What All Do We Do In Our Consultation?

Let’s have a look at some of the key points for dry eye consultations. Our optometrists consider these for an effective treatment plan.

Dry eye consultation plans differ slightly for individual patients depending on the severity of the disease. However, the above points are usually included.

Treatment of
Dry Eye Disease

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After completing the diagnosis of a patient, optometrists at our eye optical store in Brampton will explain treatment options that best suit your needs. They are customized depending on the type of dry disease and its severity. We also make sure to answer your queries and provide an effective resolution to that.

Often, we recommend these treatments:

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