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Our Specialist: Dr. Raman Dhaliwal

Our Specialist is an expert in assessing and diagnosing eye or visual disorders .

Laser Eye Surgery is used to correct poor vision, get freedom from glasses and contact lenses, and see the world clear from your eyes.

It is a simple process that takes only from a few seconds to minutes, depending on the level of correction required. The surgery is a great option to improve vision and this is why thousands of Canadians are turning to this. 

The Laser Eye Surgery corrects vision problems created by refractive errors such as myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), and astigmatism (distorted vision while looking at objects at a distance).

Under the surgery, a cool beam advanced laser makes some adjustments to the surface of your eye (cornea). It corrects the tiny imperfections in your eyes and provides you a clearer and sharper vision. People often feel surprised after quickly recovering from the surgery. It is a quick way to get rid of the glasses and see everything with an improved vision.

Common Types of Laser Eye Surgery

Why Choose Optical One for Laser Eye Surgery?

At Optical One, we care for the eye health of our patients and their families. From eye tests to prescription glasses, lens replacement to laser eye surgery, we’ve got you covered.

Optometrists at our eye optical store not only provide the best clinical care but also other eye care solutions to our patients. Our clinicians have access to the top-most methods of vision correction and offer visual results beyond the expectations of most patients.

Try the Laser Eye Surgery and Stay free from glasses!

We have exceptional clinical expertise and offer the best surgical outcomes along with a full aftercare program. Our clinicians have performed several laser eye surgery procedures until now with the growing popularity of this surgery. We offer the surgery at the most economical prices so that everyone eligible for treatment can have access to it.

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