After the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have changed a lot. The face mask has become a necessity more than anything else. 

While most people have become used to carrying a mask on their mouth, people who have poor vision are looking for Anti-fog eyeglasses because they face difficulty in seeing clear due to fogging. This happens because the face mask produces fogging on the glasses every time the glass wearer exhales. 

Most people frequently clean their eyeglasses to tackle this problem. But, removing them now and then is quite annoying. 

Also, wearing contact lenses regularly may not be possible for most people, so they have to switch to eyeglasses for regular use.

If you are in the same category of people who wear prescription eyeglasses to complete day-to-day work, here are some tips that will help you to avoid condensation on them. You can follow the below tips and wear face masks along with your eyeglasses without any fogging up issues when you exhale. 

5 Tips To Prevent Your Eyeglasses from Fogging Up

Tip 1: Use Soap and Water

If you use soapy water to clean your eyeglasses just before you are going to wear a mask, it will prevent them from fogging up. Also, remember to wash your hands with soap and water before you wash the eyeglasses. 

Then, remove excess water from the eyeglasses and keep them aside to air dry. You can use a soft towel to dry the glasses before you wear them. 

Now, when you wear your eyeglasses along with a mask and exhale, they won’t fog up. This happens because the soapy solution prevents the surface tension that produces fog on the glasses. However, the tip works for a few hours only. So, you need to do it again after some time. 

Our Optical Store in Brampton offers the best quality of eye care products to prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up and treat your eyes in the best possible way to make them healthy again.

Tip 2: Add a Tissue Inside the Mask

When you wear a mask, place a tissue on the inner part of it and push it upwards. Make sure to fold it to make it smaller and adjust it on the top of your mask. Now, the bridge of your nose will sit here. 

The tissue will absorb the moisture from your breathing and will prevent the eyeglasses from fogging up.

Remember that it is a bit difficult to keep the tissue and place it inside your mask. You must do it right as you may not be able to constantly adjust its placement and it will be annoying too. You can use medical tape to hold its position in the inner part of the mask for a longer time. 

Tip 3: Use Anti-Fog Spray

Professional swimmers use a chemical anti-fog spray to prevent their glasses from misting up. These sprays prevent moisture from appearing on your glasses and make it easy for you to continue your work without any fog.

These anti-fog sprays form a layer on the eyeglasses and prevent fog from sticking on the lenses. However, you need to note that the spray contains chemicals. So, you need to be careful while wearing the sprayed glasses on your eyes. 

If you feel any irritation, it is best to remove the eyeglasses and do not take the risk to hamper your vision.

Tip 4: Fold the Mask

Folding the mask may seem easy but it isn’t the best way to deal with the problem. Under this, you can fold the top layer of your face mask to create some space for your breath to move out without reaching your eyeglasses.

However, folding it may reduce the area which covers your face so it will leave you more susceptible to the coronavirus. 

Tip 5: Buy A Mask that Molds to your Nose

There are several types of face masks available in the market. Some of these masks contain a metal nose clip. This wire is flexible and allows you to mold the mask around the bridge of your nose. After this, moisture doesn’t go in or come out of the mask.

If you want to buy a mask like this, you can use objects such as paper clips, hair grips, or similar things to create the nose mold on your mask. Do not forget to fasten its grip tightly so that it doesn’t come put and hurt your face.

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