For many people who wear glasses, it isn’t easy to get rid of the old comfortable pair of glasses they love so much. But no matter how hard it is to let go, you need to change your eyewear products regularly. Some signs you might want to buy new glasses can be – 

The reason behind changing your glasses regularly

When it comes to glasses, technology and fashion go hand in hand. Newly developed manufacturing technologies and materials are constantly changing style and prices, so you no longer need to compromise for your glasses.

Affordable and Stylish Designer Glasses at Optical One

At our eyeglasses store in Brampton, we understand the importance of eyeglasses for you. Therefore, we provide a variety of modern designer glasses at reasonable prices to suit all tastes, face shapes, and preferences.

We also provide other vision care services, including comprehensive indoor eye examinations and contact lens adjustments to ensure that your vision is always comfortable and clear.

Eyeglasses at optical one

Eye Clinic at Brampton Optical One

We are happy to announce that our Eyewear center Brampton is now open. We maintain our COVID-19 safety procedures at the clinic to keep you and our employees safe. However, if you are concerned about the health of your eyes, you can also talk to our virtual ophthalmologist from the perspective of your own house safety.

Top 5 Designer Eyewear Trends in 2020

With innovation in design, materials and colors, fashion is constantly changing and the eyewear industry is no exception. The following are the latest design trends from the 2020 spring and summer eyewear collections.

1. New Tints in Translucent Frames

The translucent color is one of the trendiest in this season. Although colorless and transparent are still popular, grey, pink, champagne and even crystalline brown are currently attracting widespread attention. The translucent frame is very neutral, can be worn with most clothing, and is a wardrobe must-have.

2. Half-rimless glasses

Slim modern eyebrow glasses are powerful new accessories for your professional life. These frames can be used for men and women, elegant and practical. These hybrid frames tend to have a thick brow line and a mid-frame contour.

3. Vibrant Reds

Whether plain or matte, red glasses continue to be in trend in 2020. This color looks bold, making it ideal for those who want to add personality to their arsenal.

Elegant blues

Another color that has caused a stir this season is blue. Elegant and classic, this is always an excellent way to change the look in a subtle and understated way.

4. Double bridge frames

The retro look immediately adds a sense of novelty to your appearance! They are elegant, classic, and retro, and there are many different versions. The bridge can be thin, discreet, or sturdy (if desired)

In addition to the double bridge frame, the designer now skilfully combines plastic and metal to create a unique design. If you want something bold, go for bright colors, like red or blue. If you want to increase the look of fashion, choose silver or gold.

5. Wire-frame glasses

Wire-frame is one of the latest retro styles to make a comeback! They have a metallic touch and a minimalist style, which can range from the classic rectangular shape to more daring geometric designs for all tastes.

World-class designer eyewear at Brampton Optical Store

Our Brampton eyewear collection contains all the items currently popular in eyewear, including your favorite European, American, and Asian designers. Whether you want a frame with eye-catching geometric shapes or bright patterns, or you are looking for a simple and elegant frame, we have many designers, including Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Burberry, etc., so you will definitely find what you need.

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